low on fuel: laundry service (videoclip)

song: laundry service from EP: low on fuel (2023)

written, arranged, performed, mixed & edited by Jérôme Giller

Thumbs up: pexels.com and pixabay.com

lyrics: and i was walking home – midnight walk – headphones on – everybody here was gone and i was walking on – you left a note in your locker room between a book and a (?), a pack of chips and a pack of gum, and in the back a loaded gun – a few memories it’s all that i need – (for chorus, watch video) – write your name on the record sleeve – take the money before you leave – and don’t forget you have a blood test – you’re the bomb baby in that dress – you had always said to me everybody here is free – now you’re wearing a suicide vest – you’re the bomb baby in that dress

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