20 bucks in the front row (videoclip)

song: 20 bucks in the front row

EP: fatherless (2022)

written, arranged, performed, mixed & edited by Jérôme Giller (Thumbs up: pexels.com and pixabay.com)


at a steady pace i’m selling all i own

20 bucks for the dog & the piano

no no i won’t budge i won’t go below

20 bucks is the lowest i can go

welcome to the show – don’t hold me down don’t go against the flow – don’t hold me down

(no seat in the front row – don’t hold me down no dead air on the radio – don’t hold me down)

the devil’s in the details as you daredevils know

20 bucks for what’s left of my soul

i never looked up i didn’t get the gold

i’ve got 40 bucks & that’s all

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